Learn to paint using 3 colours

painting in gouache - stan kaminski

Using just three basic gouache colours, one brush and watercolour paper, you will be shown exactly how to create these two beautiful paintings yourself.

“You will by now have seen many of Stan’s paintings and perhaps asked yourself – “how does he do that?” or thought “I wish I could do that”. Now these questions are answered by the artist in person. This is a fascinating, inspiring and unique insight into his painting style and techniques. Stan shows you, step by step, exactly how you can produce these two superb images at home. Even if you are a complete beginner, this tutorial will enable you to make a painting to be proud of and worthy of hanging on any wall or in any exhibition. Stan is an exceptional painter and a great teacher, devoted to helping others achieve real results. He doesn’t selfishly guard his “secrets” or create mysteries. He has worked consistently for over 40 years, experimenting, honing and perfecting techniques, clarifying the reasoning and thought processes behind successful painting, and passing them on to others”

DVD’s £20 each or £35 for both + p&p

You will be given your FREE reference materials and be shown how to transfer these onto your paper. You don’t need to be able to draw! If you can draw already then all the better, but. if not, then this is not a hurdle for you.
With these two DVD Videos you can learn directly from the artist himself in your own home, at your own pace and return again and again to these lessons to see precisely how to master the simple but proven techniques yourself.

BOOK NOW AVAILABLE ‘Three Color Painting’ Create wonderful art using only three colours.

To accompany the two DVD’s , in the book I explain how the principles shown in the DVD’s are used, step by step, to produce 20 paintings using watercolour and thick gouache techniques, in a variety of styles, loose impressionist and tighter illustration styles, subjects ranging from Venice, Landscape, Seascape, Transport, Wildlife and Pets to Portrait, using just three colours and white, explaining not just how to paint, but the thought process involved.

Artists of every level will enjoy the improvement in their results!

BOOK £16.99 + pp
BOOK and 2 DVD’s £45.00 + pp

Please call 02476 421 235 or email info@stankaminski.com for further details.