Warwickshire artist Stan Kaminski renowned for his views of Venice and his wildlife paintings is here presenting a portfolio of his works. In this website you will find paintings in water colour, gouache, oils and mixed media all of which are for sale either as orighionals or as fine art Giclee prints in a range of sizes and prices to suit every situation and budget.

Stan is also a respected and much sought after tutor of painting providing lessons from his well appointed studio near Kenilworth in the heart of the English Midlands. He is the originator of the ground breaking 3 colour painting method that enables even beginners to achieve outstanding results through a clear understanding of how to observe and interpret the subject rather than simply blindly copying. Restricting the palette brings cohesion and insight intohue and tonal value. Mixing all colours from the three essentials of yellow ochre, red and blue educates the eye far better than rather relying upon overly complicated and expensive arrays of ready made colour.

Stan also encourages they use of just a few brushes, all of them inexpensive and in no wayspecialist. These are the basic tools of any artist and can be mastered quickly and easily with good tuition.

Stan has produced a complete series of in depth tutorials in book and DVD for see here for details.

Stan kamiomski was was born in Banbury, England in 1952 to Polish parents. He attended The Moseley School of Art in Birmingham from the age of 11 and then, at the age of 18, started a three-year graphic design apprenticeship at Hurlston Design in Birmingham.

At the age of 21, he left to work in a variety of advertising agencies as a designer and art director. He later became a freelance illustrator, and his work appeared in national poster and TV campaigns and magazines for several major clients such as Woman & Penthouse Magazine & on National Television (BBC’s Black Adder III)

Stan has won many prizes and achieved excellent prices for his work at auction. In 1999, he staged his first one-man exhibition at Jane Powell’s Art Gallery , Kenilworth , Warwickshire. A wide variety of his work was exhibited. culminating in a display of wildlife paintings. He was heavily involved in the initial design of the Berkswell Millennium tapestry, which is now on permanent display.